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Home Made Facial Scrubs for beautiful Skin

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 , Posted by Admin at 11:02 PM

Home made beauty products

1. Oats and Honey Facial Scrub
    Mix 1 tbsp of finely ground oatmeal with 2 tbsp of honey and mix. Add 3 drops of oils suitable for your skin type and blend in. Pat the scrub on your face and message gently around for about 3 minutes, then remove with a warm damp cloth. This scrub is particularly suitable for sensitive, dry skin types. Use twice a week!

2. Brown Sugar Facial Scrub
    Mix 1 tbsp of soft brown sugar with 2 tbsp of olive oil, and a drop of lemon juice. Blend in one extra drop of essential oil. Carefully message the mixture on your face for a few minutes using small circular movements, then remove with a hot damp cloth.

3. Strawberry and yoghurt Mash
     This natural chemical exfoliant will eat away dead skin cells and leave dull skin looking bright. Mash four strawberries and mix with a tbsp of natural yoghurt. Pot on your Skin and leave for five minutes, then remove with a warm damp cloth.

4. Mango Coconut Scrub
    In a mood for something exotic, mix sugar into coconut milk until evenly dissolved before stirring in lemon juice and mango puree. Scoop out a generous amount of sugar scrub and rub with open palms into skin. leave it on for 2-3 minutes and gently rinse with warm water.

5. Golden Glow Scrub
     For that golden glow in minutes, mix 2 tbsp of orange juice with 2 pinches of coarsely ground haldi(turmeric). Scrub your face gently with this mixture, say ace aesthetician, Nirmala Shetty and wash off with cold water

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    plz cn u give lil more tips 4 skin especialy 4 dull n tanned skin..

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