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Hot Priyanka Chopra style check

Thursday, May 13, 2010 , Posted by Admin at 5:29 AM

My Style: Is all about comfort-it's the most important element. I like dresses or tops that are easy to wear and, at the same time look chic.

My Jeans: I have over 35 pair of jeans in  my closet. I love denim-from a pair of shortsor skirts to jackets,corsets and even shoes.

Wardrobe Essentials:I believe that every girl must own a pair of well-fitting dark blue jeans, a nice pair of denim shorts and a skirt.

Smart Combinations: Jeans with a crisp white shirt and a great of heels, accessorised with a nice watch.

Dressing Denim: You can wear it with just about anything! It doesn't matter if it's a tee and dark jeans or a crisp shirt,even a fun top... everything goes. And as far as accessorising is concerned, I believe less is more.

Jean Trail : It has to fit well on the butt and waist, and has to be that perfect shade. I love skinny or straight fits, but it all depends on how you carry it.

Bling It On: I like my  jeans to be simple, but i don't mind induging in a slightly funkier pair. For Example,the Levi's Diva collection that has been created by tarun [Tahiliani] has Swarovski embellishments. I especially love the cream pair with crystals on the Knees-they are very sexy.

Faux Pas: Women tend to over-accesorise. You really don't need to wear everything you own at the same time.

Denim Icon: I love victoria Beckham's denim wardrobe. She has the most amazing collection and she carries herself really well.

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